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Cougar & Lynx Hunts

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Click on the link above to view our Cougar Hunt Video with our hunting dogs posted on Youtube and then book your cougar or lynx hunt.

Cougar which are also known as a Mountain Lion or Puma mostly prey on deer, though they also eat smaller animals such as coyotes, porcupines, and raccoons. A beautiful and powerful predator, they usually hunt at night or during the hours before dawn and dusk.

Lynx are covered with beautiful thick fur that keeps them warm during frigid winters. Their paws are like natural snowshoes with furry toes that spread wide when they hit the ground, increasing the surface area and allowing the Lynx to stay mobile even in deep snow.

Lynx Hunt

Cougar hunts start in November and run to March 31.

Lynx hunts start November 15 and run to February 15

We use dogs for both cougar and lynx hunts and the hunter may also hunt wolves at the same time if they wish.

8 day 1:1 Cougar hunts $9500 US
6 day 1:1 Lynx hunts $5000 US

6 day 2:1 Lynx hunts $4000 US

Prices do NOT include:
Tax, Licenses, Tags, HPF, flights, hotel, alcohol and royalty fees.

Testimonial: By the way I will like to thank you and Ken for the fantastic time that I had hunting with you. Also the hospitality that you offered me in your own house. Let me state that it was first class accommodations, meals, attention and service that you provided to me. Happy is not the word. Super, Super, Super content and grateful. Thanks for a wonderful winter lynx hunt.
Horacio Gonzalez

Cougar and Lynx Hunting in BC Canada

Lynx  Hunt

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Lynx Hunt
Cougar Hunt, LynxCougar HuntLynx Hunt
Cougar Hunt, LynxCougar HuntCougar hunt
Cougar HuntingCougar HuntCougar Hunt
Cougar Hunt, LynxCougar HuntLynx Hunt

BC cougar hunt