Premium BC Moose Hunting in BC Canada

Our 4100 square kilometre area has some very high moose densities. We have hundreds of lakes, swamps and three major river drainages that form a perfect moose habitat. Average bulls range from 40 to 50 inches.

The early season moose hunt (Sept 10 – Sept 19) is done mostly over water as bulls are feeding on aquatic plants at this time. We also hunt some parts of the high country. This hunt can be combined with Black Bear and Wolf.

Our ten day moose-rut hunts run traditionally between Sept 15 – Oct 15. During this time moose respond to calling and are usually very active. This hunt can be combined with Black Bear and Wolf.

The late season hunt (Oct 26 – Nov 5) is excellent as well because we usually have snow which makes it easier to locate the moose. Moose are generally feeding on willows in logging areas, around lakes as well as in old burns. This hunt can be combined with Wolf.

Moose hunting methods include: hunting swamps, lakes, meadows, old burns, logged areas and old growth timber. We use jet boats, drift boats, canoes, ATVs, 4x4’s as well as hiking. Retrievals of the harvested moose are done by ATV’s, horses, boats or pack frames.

We offer a couple remote horseback trips per year for moose starting September 15. 

Moose Hunting Rate

10 day 2:1 Moose hunt $7500 US
10 day 1:1 Moose hunt $9000 US

Prices do NOT include: Tax, Licenses, Tags, HPF, flights, hotel, alcohol and royalty fees.


Canadian Moose Hunt

Moose Hunting in BC

What our Clients Say...

My wife and I spent 10 days moose hunting with Ken and Crystal Watson at Opatcho Lake Guide Outfitters. What a wonderful experience !! I got a really nice bull moose on day seven. We have eaten some of the steaks and they are very tasty. Some of the best meat we have ever eaten. Ken and Crystal go out of their way to make you have a happy, wonderful hunting, camping experience. We hope to see Ken and Crystal and their guides again.

Don and Bernie Loveland Moxee, Washington

What our Clients Say...

A hunt of a lifetime. Ken and Crystal Watson, the Opatcho Lakes Outfitters, go out of their way to make sure you have a great hunt. The accommodations were great with nice cabins with wood stoves and comfortable beds. The meals were excellent. Our guide Kelly was very good, with outstanding hearing and eyesight to match. The area has lots of moose, black bear and grouse. And let's not forget the grizzlies to keep it interesting. Ken will keep you entertained with his hilarious way that he tells his hunting experiences. I will be doing this moose hunt again in the near future.

Nevin Salmans

What our Clients Say...

Ken Watson has guided my brother Russell and me for fifteen years on priceless hunts for moose. Along the way we have climbed some mountains and floated some rivers. Each and every year is an experience that keeps us coming back for more. Ken's desire to continually improve the hunter's experience is evident in both camp and on the trail.

Rex Watkins Oregon, USA